My motto has always been, "A wise person uses the experience of the experienced". When I formed Motorfind Services, the idea I had was to take the 30 years experience in the automotive industry managing a number of Melbourne dealerships; and the extensive knowledge I have of how the dealer and wholesale markets work; and offer it to the market as an independent, and personal car broker.

I am also passionate & enthusiastic about cars as well as my business. My extensive experience in the industry has given me a great deal of knowledge about cars, what qualities & value they offer, how they will maintain value over a period of time.

I know what to look for & where to look to ensure you 'my client' get the very best value for your money. I feel these considerations are important when contemplating the purchase of a car, whether new or pre-owned. Cars are a big investment of one's money. In the case of a pre-owned cars; the condition the milage, the age of the car, what purpose the car is going to be used for and amongst other contributing factors can effect or alter my advice to people.

Always I will provide straight and unbiased advice, personalised service and a good car at a fair market price that suits a person's needs and budget.

Director of Motorfind Services

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